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Hiring Millennials….Almost Time for those College Graduations!

Are your hiring managers ready for the next millennial hiring surge? College graduation is almost here and many are looking to land their first role.

The big question is, are you ready to coach your managers and on what it takes to attract, interview, and hire a millennial grad?

There’s a lot of talent out there, and they’re ready to get to work. They may be looking at their phone frequently, checking out the latest app they just downloaded or stopping by your office to chat about project updates without an appointment, but that’s ok!

Just because millennials approach things a bit differently, it doesn’t mean they lack professionalism or tact.

So, what can HR do to help better integrate millennials into the corporate environment, while promoting good workplace etiquette?

A Day in the Life

Share your story. Share your culture. Share your goals…Be Social.

Organizational branding and recruiting strategies should include engaging with potential candidates using online social platforms. You may have someone from HR and marketing helping to facilitate the message and creating visibility with customers and candidates, but you’ll want to consider something more robust, more creative.

For example, a campaign that focuses on what it’s like to work at your company will help share inside perspective on culture and life. Consider the following idea: “A Day in the Life of an Intern” or something similar allows current employees to tweet and post updates to Facebook and Instagram, while drawing in potential candidates with stories that are engaging and informative.

Candidates will gain a better understanding of what to expect as a new hire, from onboarding, to appropriate dress, to volunteer and educational opportunities. It’s preparation.

Before the First Day

For a millennial, this may be their first “real” job outside of college, and they’re trying to find their way just like everyone else. The first day on the job can be daunting and stressful, especially if your new hire has no idea what to expect. HR can reduce this anxiety and help prepare new hires for day one by utilizing technology and platforms that streamline the onboarding process. Think about potential questions that will pop up and answer them through a twitter chat or an employee app that can be downloaded quickly.

Get a Buddy

Sometimes, we all need a buddy to help guide and direct us, whether it’s a new project, a new team lead or the first day on the job, having a buddy makes the transition to something “new” so much easier.

Make sure your millennial is plugged in to onboarding with a buddy that can help show them the ropes and get acclimated quickly. And if your summer internship program is about to swing in to high gear, create a Facebook page and connect interns from Day One. Help them to interact, make friends and create connections that will not only help them navigate the work place, but will keep them engaged long after they leave the office.


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