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Welcome and thank you for your interest in RPA.  We’re proud of our company and the services we provide.
At RPA, we’re in the best position to be your guide to the complex world of retirement plans.  Think of us as leverage for your HR staff, who have other things to focus on. 
We’ll make it simple and efficient for you.
Your retirement plan should be a positive employee benefit, and we can ensure that it performs that way.

Humble Beginnings

RPA began business in 1969 to address the emerging employee benefits market, long before defined contribution plans like 401k plans existed. The company was founded by Hans Banziger and his brother Walter and grew as a professional services business. RPA dealt in defined benefit plans, and then in 1978 when defined contribution plans came to into being, they made a committed effort to being experts in these new employee retirement vehicles.   In 1982, Han’s son Richard replaced Walter as Hans’ partner, and they remain active owners to this day. The company is a family operation with strong values. We are real people, and we’re dedicated to protecting our client’s vested interests.

Growing Together

RPA grew steadily for the next 30 years serving retirement clients across the US. With this long history, we have seen this industry grow and change many times over.  We became an independent recordkeeper in 1997. We have over 1,500 clients and have over $1.9B of assets under management.  

Our team are experts in every aspect of administering and recordkeeping retirement plans. We have a very tenured and experienced group. We have no conflicts of interest, no funds to sell, no hidden fees.

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