Securities Brokers

Recognizing “Value And Opportunity”

No one has to tell you the importance of being able to recognize “value and opportunity”.

The fact that you have mastered this skill is what sets you apart from the rest of pack. The people who look to you for investment direction trust your skills. They know that you have honed your ability to develop investment ideas or plan exit strategies, supported by a firm knowledge of how to read true value and strategically timed opportunity.

The Best And The Brightest

You don’t associate with, nor do you do business with just anyone. You draw on “the best and the brightest” of the people and research available to you.

When your competitors are struggling to explain to their clients why they need another short-term “up or out” choice, you are looking ahead to provide the next “value and opportunity” for your clients. In a competitive market, you use the best state-of-the-art technology available to build a reputation for managing downside risk for your clients while still focusing on risk/reward profiles that always provide your clients with better than average returns.

But What About The Administrative Services?

Offering your investment vehicles to corporate and institutional retirement plans has long been an effective source of opportunity for you and your organization.

However, is it possible that you’ve never really been that enthusiastic about the compliance administration and recordkeeping services that your retirement plan clients have been receiving?

Is your concern due to the quality, price and level of administrative service that your client’s plans are receiving from a mutual fund company that is “also providing” third party administration services?

Or, are you more concerned because your client’s TPA is an inefficient, relatively small shop with limited resources and high fees, who also is unable to deliver today’s current plan features? Either way, you know the importance of this service and would like to insure that your clients get the very best service available.

Partner With RPA

RPA is poised, ready, and able to help you develop strategies and craft solutions that will transform how you now sell and service retirement plan opportunities.

By partnering with RPA to work with you in the support of your current retirement plan clients and to assist you in the solicitation of your potential clients, you will find a support team with whom you can build a long-term relationship and who will deliver top-notch, state-of-the-art services that will generate years of incremental returns.