Investment Advisor and Financial Planner Strategic Alliance

Your Clients Rely On You

A client’s decision to select you as their retirement plan financial advisor or investment manager is one of the most important decisions they can make for the financial future of their retirement plan participants.

They will rely on your expertise, your integrity and your commitment to personal service as they entrust the growth and safety of their plan’s assets to your judgment. They will listen to you and they will believe in you.

Equivalent Service Quality?

After you’ve provided your valuable advice, are you confident that the caliber of the plan design, compliance administration, and recordkeeping of your client’s retirement plan is of the quality and level of expertise necessary to properly support that advice?

Does the level of your client’s plan administration and recordkeeping amplify and enhance or diminish the quality of your advisory services?

How Well Are You Equipped To Compete?

As you accelerate your efforts to harness the Internet and the “new economy” retirement plan growth opportunities currently emerging for financial services firms like yours, how well are you equipped to compete for and then meet the business challenges that come with those opportunities?

Are you affiliated with certified, competitively priced, experienced and reputable retirement plan professionals that work diligently to assist you in the support of your client’s retirement plan administrative needs?

Partner With RPA

RPA is poised, ready, and able to help you develop strategies, and craft solutions that will transform how you now sell and service retirement plan opportunities.

By partnering with RPA to work with you in the support of your current retirement plan clients and to assist you in the solicitation of new clients, you will find a support team with whom you can build a long-term relationship and who will deliver top-notch, state-of-the-art services that will generate years of incremental returns.

Let’s explore the possibilities of working together today.