CPA Strategic Alliance

Who Else But Our CPA?

Americans have long subscribed to the adage of “Who better to advise us on financial matters than our CPA?”

This level of hard earned trust in the market place has supported the phenomenal growth of CPA firms in the financial services industry to such a degree, that the credibility and reliability of CPAs today serves as the bellwether for the entire financial services industry.

For decades, CPAs like you, and of every size, shape and discipline, have labored to provide Americans with the knowledge and informational tools that they have needed to remain in compliance with a thorny and elaborate tax system, as well as showing them how to remain empowered as they face the complexities of modern personal and business finances.

Today’s Successful CPA Is Proactive

While many CPA firms have historically existed almost exclusively to provide general tax, accounting and audit services, today’s successful CPAs have learned that to stay competitive they must also strive to arm their clients with more than just the basics.

Today’s successful CPA’s have learned that they must exceed their client’s general expectations. They cannot simply focus their efforts in evaluating a client’s past, but they must insure that their client’s learn from their past and then focus on the present, if they are to be successful in reaching their goals of long term growth and wealth preservation in the future.

Retirement Plan Support?

How are you advising your business clients with regard to their retirement plan employee benefit?

Are you satisfied with the data and the services that your business clients are receiving from their current retirement plan provider?

Do you believe that your client could find better service at a lower price? Think about your answers to these questions and then consider how introducing RPA and its low cost quality performance to your clients might be just what you and your clients are looking for.

Partner With RPA

By inviting RPA to compete for your client’s business, we believe that you will find an organization that will work with your clients to insure delivery of top-notch, state-of-the-art retirement plan support services and that will make you look very smart for arranging our introduction.

Let’s explore the possibilities of working together today.