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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to minimize the Plan Sponsor’s administrative burden and fiduciary liability, while empowering employees to establish and monitor their personal retirement plan assets. Our success is measured by our ability to assist our Clients in finding the most efficient way to meet their objectives.


Why RPA?

The foundation of an effective retirement plan is the strength of its investments. However, the positive impact of making sound investment decisions for your plan can easily be tainted, diluted, or worse, if the compliance administration and recordkeeping provided to your plan is anything but perfect.

The reporting accuracy of each and every transaction and the recordkeeping of each and every participant account must all be maintained precisely, perfectly and timely to avoid a myriad of negative effects on your plan.

Traditional Third Party Administrators [TPAs] do not typically act as the recordkeepers of the complicated and finite financial details of the retirement plans that they administer. They are typically just not organized to take on the responsibilities involved in recordkeeping the intricate financial details of a retirement plan and each of its plan participants’ accounts.

Whether you are starting a new plan or looking to improve your existing plan, RPA’s recordkeeping flexibility and compliance administration depth is structured to meet your specific needs. Our nationally recognized team of strategic business partners along with an in-house staff of pension professionals who are trained and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and information technology and training, come together to provide you with the finest retirement plan administration and recordkeeping available anywhere…and at very competitive pricing.

RPA provides both for-profit corporations and not-for-profit organizations of every size and description, with all of the compliance administration and recordkeeping tools needed available to offer only the finest retirement plan benefits to their employees.

Your Plan’s participants will have access to their accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via our Internet website, or toll free Voice Response Unit. Or, they may speak live to a certified pension professional during normal business hours to arrange any changes they wish to make to their account or to get answers to any questions that they may have about their account.

When other plan providers start offering you excuses, inaccuracies, missed deadlines or lackluster responses, consider stepping up to the level of professional compliance administration and recordkeeping services experienced by RPA’s clients. You, your plan, and your plan participants deserve nothing less.