Plan Documents and Design

Designing a successful retirement plan for your employees is much like designing a new home for your family. In planning a new home, you would certainly seek the advice of a professional to help you design and plan its construction. But, how would you select that professional?

Your new home will need lumber and bricks, but you wouldn’t hire the building material salesman to design your new home. Instead, you’d obviously hire an experienced architect to make sure that the design of your new home is thought through carefully, by a professional, who is experienced in home design. You would hire such a professional to insure that when your home is finally built that it doesn’t have any structural or design flaws and that it passes all of its mandatory building inspections.

In designing a new retirement plan, RPA is your experienced retirement plan “Architect”. If you already have an existing plan that is just not right, for whatever reason, RPA is the retirement plan architect that can review your plan and propose those concepts needed to replace the hassles in your plan, along with any unnecessary expenses, with cost effective and efficient alternatives.

In designing your new plan we will take into account:

  • Your employee demographics, their goals and their level of investment savvy
  • Your business industry and organizational structure
  • Your budget and financial interests
  • Your corporate or organizational human resources philosophy

In providing these fully objective, first quality plan design services, our job is to work closely with your investment advisor or securities broker, and with your internal investment committee, to implement and coordinate the compliance administration and recordkeeping services that support those investment decisions made on behalf of your plan.

The foundation of your retirement plan is your plan document. RPA will provide you with a plan document fully customized to meet your needs today, and flexible enough to change with your future needs. Too many times we have seen employers pushed in to a “standardized” plan document because they are told it will be sufficient to meet their needs. The employer will later discover that this document is not flexible and it was pushed on them to fit them into a cheap assembly line where there is no room to customize the document.