By way of our strategic trading partnerships, “RPA Daily” provides its daily valuation recordkeeping clients with the most diverse offering of direct mutual funds available anywhere at a low cost. We also offer ETFs and individual brokerage accounts.

There is no longer the need to use a name-brand provider with limited fund choices, poor service, or insurance-wrapped funds. And those offers of “free plan administration” or “free payroll” are never free, as you are paying for them with high fund expense ratios, higher payroll fees, or costs for HR services that you are not using. As an RPA Daily client, your plan’s recordkeeping will include:

  • Daily account balance updates
  • Flexibility and choice of over 10,000 mutual funds and ETFs
  • Optional integrated individual brokerage accounts through TDAmeritrade
  • 24/7 account access on the internet for both plan participant and plan sponsor
  • Automatic account rebalancing
  • Portfolio modeling with your investment advisor or broker
  • Toll-Free participant service lines
  • An RPA Representative is assigned to your plan for direct contact for questions and help
  • On-line statements
  • Quarterly paper statements
  • Enrollment kits
  • Timely distributions to terminated employees and loan applicants
  • Accuracy and timeliness of all reports and transactions
  • Income tax withholding and reporting for all distributions
Click HERE to see a list of funds Click HERE to see a sample enrollment kit
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